Congregational Meeting Provided Information about Repairs to Frame of Our Stained Glass Window

Earlier this year, it was discovered that we had an infestation of carpenter ants that were present in the sanctuary space by the stained glass wood frame. An exterminator was called to address this problem and we began investigating what might be causing the infestation. After several companies came to look at the window, we discovered that the outside wood frame has become compromised and is damaged. This allows water to leak into the structure and has damaged some of the stone block foundation as well.

 On Sunday, October 17, Andrew Buck, Council Chairperson, provided a plethora of information regarding the needed repairs to the frame to our stained glass window. Reinarts Stained Glass, a company out of Winona, MN, is a company that specializes in such work. The estimate they have provided us for all the work needed will cost nearly $80,000.

Unfortunately without the needed quorum of 45 members (based on the required 20% of the congregation’s membership as reported to the United Church of Christ), no vote was taken regarding this project. Another date, in the near future, will be slated for taking this vote.