Welcoming Sunday: Confirmation Class of 2020

Because of our care and concern during the initial time of the pandemics unfolding last April, our Confirmation Class of 2020 was not able to celebrate with their families. Therefore, our Confirmation Class is scheduled to be more fully welcomed into the life of the church on Sunday, April 25. Students met regularly beginning in late August 2019 through April 2020 for class and have worked to complete service and worship events. This class includes:

Sam Bloomquist, son of Regan and Mitch Bloomquit

Aaron Butikofer, son of Charlotte and Eric Butikofer

Brady Lane, son of Carrie and Doug Lane

William Urbanowski, son of Melena and Jesse Urbanowski

Josiah Wickum, son of Lori Weih and Ben Wickum

Mentors for the program were John and Mary Nus.

Prayer Partners have been: Julie Anderson, Zoey Evans, Susan Hodin, Laura Ogreen, Melena Urbanowski.