Sunday School Class Begin Sunday, September 19

  • Sunday School class for those in preschool through eighth grade will take place on Sunday morning, during worship.
  • Children and youth will worship with their families, participate in Discovery Time, and then be dismissed to the classroom. Parents will be able to get their child/ren directly from the classroom following worship. (On Sundays when the Sacrament of Communion is celebrated, this ritual will be moved to the beginning of worship so that all ages may participate in this sacrament.)
  • This week’s activities will include an introduction to our theme, Knights of North Castle, and fun projects that all ages can participate in and enjoy.









Register Your Child/ren for Sunday School 2021 – 2022

Registration is currently open for any child, preschool through eighth grade, for our Sunday School program, which will begin on Sunday, September 19. Registration forms are available in the main entryway and can be emailed to you. Contact Pastor Mary Beth, or 393-2400 with questions, more information, or the registration form.