On Sunday, May 13, our Sunday school students and teachers welcomed two very special guests to Hope UCC. Amanda and Noble from Last Hope Animal Rescue came to visit, and to receive a donation from our Sunday School program in the amount of $356.00. The money donated was raised during our Annual Valentine’s Sale.

All the kids were very excited to meet Noble, who was precious as could be.  He loved the attention, was very gentle with each child, and even gave some sloppy kisses.  We also had a chance to offer him some doggie treats that were provided by Amanda.  Amanda was very grateful to accept our donation on behalf of Last Hope Animal Rescue.  The smiles and laughter shared during the visit were wonderful to see and hear! Noble and other adorable animals like him are available for adoption at Last Hope, located at: 1823 16th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids.

Thank you to all the families and friends of Hope UCC who helped make this fundraiser a success with their time, talent, donations, and generous purchases.