Hope UCC Stewardship Committee

By Jane Buck

The Stewardship Committee has completed the Stewardship Campaign for 2021.

As of this writing, 45 commitment cards were received for a total of $127,030.00. This is a higher monetary total than was committed in the last two campaigns. Thank you to the Stewardship Committee—Cathy Boeset, Cathy Evers, Shelly Hatfield, Marlene Hunt and Deb Stunk for their time and effort in carrying out the campaign.

We are also grateful for your gifts to our special offerings held each year. This year, we collected $980 for One Great Hour of Sharing, $530 for the Strengthen the Church offering and $948 for Neighbors in Need.  Our One Great Hour of Sharing offering suffered this year as its collection date fell just as we were not able to meet in person. The Church Council made the decision to use some undesignated gift money toward OGHS and thus that total is better than it might have been.  The Christmas Fund total and Our Church’s Wider Mission totals will be known at the end of December.

You should have received envelopes for your gifts to the Christmas Fund in last week’s mail. That offering will be collected this month and goes to help clergy and church lay workers who were often paid below average salaries or who find themselves in crisis situations. Last year, Hope United Church of Christ members gave almost $1400 to this offering and we hope that we can attain that goal again this year.

Thank you for making our task easier by giving generously!