Operation Backpack Makes a Difference in Stopping Food Insecurity in Our Community

Operation Backpack is the HACAP school program that sends single-serve food for kids to take home in their backpacks over the weekend. They focus on non-perishable “child-friendly” food that kids can prepare on their own, if need be.

The Hope Missions Team recently made a donation of $100 to Operation Backpack to help purchase food for this ongoing program. HACAP is able to make cash donations go far since they can purchase food in bulk. The coins that have been generously given in the offering plate made this donation possible. Thank you!

You can also pick out food items to donate yourself. Place food in the basket labeled “Operation Backpack” in the entry.

A few ideas for single-serve foods:

– Individual boxes of cereal

– Mac and cheese bowls

– Fruit cups