In your mail this week, you will receive information about and a giving envelope for the 2021 One Great Hour of Sharing offering. We did not include coin boxes in the mailing due to the cost of postage but they are available for pick-up at the church or we will be HAPPY to put one in the mail to those who desire one. I’m using one for my offering basing it on the calendar that is included with the mailing.

Our “official” collection date for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering will be March 14 but if you want to follow the full month of giving suggested on the calendar, we’re happy to wait for your gift!   Our support for this offering was very low last year since we were not meeting in person when we collected it. In 2019, we gave almost $1600 to OGHS. Can we top that number this year?  $2000 maybe??? Let’s give it a try. We have so much for which to be grateful while many others have so little.

~ Jane Buck for Hope UCC’s Stewardship Committee