Happy 20th Anniversary to the UCC CDC Network

United Church of Christ conferences and congregations long have responded generously to disasters, whether with funds or work teams. A national Conference Disaster Coordinators’ network has made that response all the stronger.

The UCC CDC network celebrated its 20th anniversary via Zoom during UCC General Synod in July. Participants testified that networking has added value with training, coordination, and peer support.

The network seeks to resource UCC conferences and congregations on well-developed principles of disaster preparedness, planning, response, and long-term recovery to maximize the impact of their efforts. Current Iowa UCC Disaster Ministries (Response) Coordinator is The Rev. Brice Hughes, pastor of Zion United Church of Christ, Burlington, IA. Contact him for more information or conversation about Disaster Ministries at 319-752-2305 (church office) or bricehughes@hotmail.com.